Refurbished TVs Indianapolis

Come see why refurbished TVs and open box TVs are the best deal for great refurbished TVs Indianapolis! Our TVs are just like new and we guarantee them for 100 days! We also offer in home extended warranties for the same prices as the big guys with in home service, which means if anything happens someone will come to you and take care of everything. 

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What does refurbished mean? Most of the time a refurbished TV was bought at a large retailer and returned due to buyer remorse, i.e. the TV was too big, too small, or they wanted something else. Only a small percentage of refurbished TVs actually had any problems with them and / or had to be repaired. Most are just returns that are tested and cleaned up really well and sent off to be sold at a great discount. 

Refurbished TVs are often times a safer buy for quality than new TVs. Each and every refurbished TV is tested diligently, where as new TVs might have one in 5 tested. 

Refurbished TVs also generally save at least 30% off new prices. 

We carry all the top brands in TVs - Samsung Sony Vizio LG Philips TCL Hisense and more!